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Our founder, Will Dahlgren, participated in athletics throughout his entire life & growing up, he was constantly classified as "overweight" and even "obese". It made no sense! Even to his doctors! The doctors understood that BMI doesn't take into account muscle or lack there of. Needless to say, he became a body comp skeptic at a very young age. Will went on to play 4 years of collegiate baseball while studying Exercise Science. This gave him firsthand experience with different body composition methods such as HW Weighing, BodPod, DXA, Skinfold calipers, Infrared and a few different BIA machines. Will began his career in personal training shortly after graduation and used calipers, handheld BIA devices and BodPod. Seeing the inconsistency in these methods lead to him losing clients to the scale. He then found InBody, applied for the job and landed it in early 2013. During his time at InBody, Will was able to gain invaluable
information about InBody and was able to become a certified InBody specialist at a level few have achieved. His experience in the field working with clients (fitness centers, CrossFits, studios, dietitians, hospital networks, etc..) also gave him a look into an area that could be massively improved, body composition. Armed with the expertise, Will decided to follow his passion and educate as many people as he can about what our bodies are truly made of. His knowledge of body composition and the results that follow are extremely hard to come by. Contact Will directly to find out more about how Body Knowledge is changing the narrative about weight. 
Erik Smith leads Body Knowledge Omaha/Des Moines and is excited to spread the message to his beloved city. He was born and raised in Pisgah, Iowa were he was an all-state athlete in multiple sports. He went on to receive a Division 1 scholarship to play baseball and completed his bachelors degree. He then returned to Omaha to lead a youth baseball organization as well as provide strength and conditioning coaching to countless youth athletes. Erik has personally seen the problems with categorizing people based on weight alone. His entire life he has been considered "overweight" according to BMI and was already carrying the message to his athletes that weight has nothing to do with health. When he first tested on InBody570, he was so inspired that he knew he had to carry this message out to his fellow residents.
In his free time Erik spends time with his wife, Emily & they're expecting their first child in summer 2017! You may find him on the links when he isn't with at home or educating on body composition.
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